WVCBL/PSALM say, USA…Don’t Walk Away! Lend Your Leg and join the Mine Ban Treaty!

Seventy-Six Civil Society Leaders Deliver Letter to President Obama Calling on U.S. to Announce Intent to Join Mine Ban Treaty… Leaders from 76 nongovernmental organizations, including WVCBL/PSALM, delivered a letter to President Obama urging the U.S. to relinquish antipersonnel landmines and join the 1997 Mine Ban Treaty without further delay. The letter follows a request made in 2010 by many of these same leaders asking the President to ensure that the landmine policy review announced by the White House in late 2009 would be timely, inclusive, and aimed at speedy accession to the treaty. In the letter, leaders said, “A decision to join the Mine Ban Treaty would vividly demonstrate your commitment to multilateralism, to global humanitarian endeavors, and to the protection of civilians from the ravages of war. It is a decision that would be lauded by the vast majority of the U.S. public and U.S. allies around the world.” The world has waited long enough. We need your help to ensure that the outcome of the review process is announced and that the treaty is submitted by the administration to the Senate for consent now. Please use the USCBL/CapWiz tool to let the administration know that it’s time for the U.S.  to join the Mine Ban Treaty and to ban the use of this barbaric weapon once and for all!



 Remangate “Roll-up” Campaign asked people roll-up their pant leg to draw attention to the landmine problem in Colombia and show solidarity with the victims. “Lend Your Leg” turned into a country-wide phenomenon. The campaign was hugely successful. Watch the official LEND YOUR LEG video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XGduCYrPlAo and


. We join the International community to show solidarity with the victims of landmines and cluster bombs.

ON THE International Day of Mine Awareness AND EVERYDAY, Lend Your Leg!
ICBL celebrates 20 years

The International Campaign to Ban Landmines, founded in 1992, is a global humanitarian campaign entirely unique in its scope, authority, diversity and effectiveness. The adoption of the Mine Ban Treaty in 1997 was the first time a civil society grass roots campaign – the ICBL – had ever succeeded in lobbying for a global ban on a weapon that had been in widespread use. For this achievement the ICBL was awarded the 1997 Nobel Peace Prize. Although a huge amount has been achieved we still have a long way to go before landmines are no longer a threat, and during our 20th anniversary we will challenge the international community to help us reach this goal in our lifetime. This 20th year the ICBL will be celebrating the power of civil society and the partnership between NGOs and governments that this campaign represents. The Lend Your Leg action, sponsored by the ICBL’s global civil society network and the United Nations is an example of this influential worldwide partnership and how it still has the capacity to affect change.


WVCBL/PSALM joins the International Campaign to Ban Landmines and the Lend Your Leg Campaign to “Lend Your Leg for a mine free world”, and put a full stop to the damage landmines still cause while showing solidarity with all survivors of landmines and other explosive remnants of war. Lend Your Leg was launched on the March 1st,  the 13th anniversary of the entry into force of the Mine Ban Treaty, which bans all use, production, stockpile and transfer of deadly, devastating antipersonnel mines and obliges states to clear all contaminated land. It was also the first disarmament treaty in history to promote the rights of survivors and the need for victim assistance. Lend Your Leg is a call to action for the international community to reinvigorate its commitment to a mine free world, and to do everything possible to reach this achievable goal in years, not decades. Join us and the international community and ask the world to roll up their pant leg, show solidarity and “LEND YOUR LEG”! The TIME IS NOW FOR THE USA TO NOT WALK AWAY… JOIN THE MINE BAN TREATY!  Lend Your Leg Video Presentation

PSALM student, Matteo lends his leg for a landmine free world

 PSALM student, Matteo decided he wanted to get 1000 photos of supporters “lending their legs”… VISIT the link below to see PSALM STUDENT, MATTEO’S FACEBOOK PAGE  AND ADD YOUR LEG FOR A LANDMINE FREE WORLD-  www.facebook.com/lendyourlegday

WVU Mountaineer Athletes Lend Their Legs!


Matteo received the ‘PAY IT FORWARD” AWARD from E4P and WVU for his work on this campaign!




VISIT www.youtube.com/lendyourlegcampaign to view the new global video that features famous faces from around the world. Follow the link and see PSALM video about the Lend Your Leg Campaign: http://animoto.com:80/play/Fma9yMdHazO1VH4y5PPyyA  http://animoto.com:80/play/15QA6omzy50lb1jC0Xlw7w  VISIT the Lend Your Leg website www.lendyourleg.orgPSALM student “C-R-ME” has written and recorded a song to raise awareness about landmines and cluster  bombs. The song, “B.O.O.M.E.: BOMBS OUT OF MY EARTH” by can be viewed on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n0sekpGBVdA****


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